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Application of fog systems

Discover new possibilities of comfort and coolness with mist cooling systems. An ideal solution for restaurants, workshops, warehouses, and other spaces where creating the desired atmosphere and temperature is crucial. Our unique technology instantly cools the surrounding environment, providing a refreshing effect even on the hottest days. Transform your space into a haven of coolness with our mist cooling systems. Experience the difference, pursue your business goals, and indulge in ultimate comfort.


Beat the heat and create a comfortable atmosphere for your restaurant's guests with our mist cooling systems. Experience the power of our innovative solution, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing average bill. Stand out from the competition and attract more visitors to your veranda and indoor dining areas.

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​Chill Out Area

Mist cooling systems in chill-out areas create a cool and comfortable environment, alleviating heat stress and enhancing relaxation. They address issues related to excessive heat, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience in the chill-out area. Our systems are great for cooling indoors and outdoors.



​Mist cooling systems help reduce temperature and provide moisture to the surrounding environment for plants. They address issues related to hot climates, plant stress, improving growth and development.


​Swimming Pools

Maximize the enjoyment of your indoor and outdoor pools with our cutting-edge system. Our innovative solution is designed to attract more visitors, ensuring a memorable and refreshing experience.



Mist cooling improves conditions, enhances air quality, and creates a healthier environment for employees and equipment in factories, plants, warehouses, workshops, hangars, and garages. It regulates temperature, controls humidity, suppresses odors, and reduces airborne particulates.


​Animal Husbandry

With the comfortable conditions created by misting systems, animals become more productive. The animals experience reduced thermal stress, improved appetite, and increased growth. These benefits apply to various animal farms, such as poultry farming, pig farming, and cattle rearing.


Wine Cellars

Mist cooling systems in wine cellars help regulate temperature and humidity levels, creating optimal conditions for wine storage and other fluids. They address issues related to temperature fluctuations, mold growth, and wine spoilage, dryness, ensuring the quality and longevity of stored wines.


Food Industry

In the food industry for example, stores, markets, warehouses. Maintain freshness and quality by controlling temperature, humidity, and addressing spoilage, bacterial growth, and product degradation. They are applicable to seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses, preserving perishables and extending shelf life for improved food safety.


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