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Official supplier of fogging cooling systems

in Cyprus


Open the doors to increased revenue

Our fogging system will create a unique atmosphere on your premises. It will attract more visitors, increase the average check, and maintain the right climate for your needs and objectives.


System advantages


By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, create a ultra fine mist.


Ours help control unwanted odors, dust and flying insects, it makes the air cleaner and more humid.


 Harmony and quiet, our system will allow guests to enjoy communication and a comfortable climate without unnecessary disturbances.

Our refrigeration allows you to cool the temperature by 12 degrees Celsius and helps your guests stay comfortable.

Who is suitable for steam cooling systems?

Find out who is suitable and what problems the steam cooling system helps to solve

Our mission

Transform your space into the ultimate oasis, even amidst scorching temperatures, with our revolutionary mist cooling system!

No longer will patrons suffer from the sweltering heat on your outdoor patio, whether it's a restaurant, grocery store, or any other establishment. Don't let potential customers search for a cooler alternative – we have the solution to keep them comfortable and captivated.


Experience an unrivaled level of comfort and delight with our cutting-edge fog cooling system. Utilizing advanced technology, our system generates a fine mist of micro droplets, enveloping the area in a refreshing coolness. This creates the ideal microclimate, significantly reducing the temperature even on the hottest summer days, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Cooling in hot

The high-pressure misting system allows for the production of very fine water droplets that instantly evaporate into the air. This creates a sensation of coolness and comfort, even at high temperatures. Our systems are especially beneficial in hot climates like Cyprus

Humidification and refreshment

High-pressure misting installations can be used to humidify dry air in hot or arid climates. This is particularly useful in low humidity areas, where adding moisture can create more comfortable conditions for guests

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can continue to attract and retain more customers even on the hottest days. Your guests will be able to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and stay longer, savoring the taste of your dishes, the ambiance of your restaurant, or other commercial establishment. Your goods will be kept at a cooler temperature, which will help maintain their appearance and true freshness.


What types of cooling foggers do we offer?

Every customer receives an individual selection of cooling units for precise solutions and resource savings. 
Find out which cooling systems we offer to solve your needs.

Cooling Efficiency

Mist cooling is the most effective way to reduce the temperature. Our systems provide pressure up to 70 bar, this allows you to cool area

of several hundred meters.

Increase profits

Our fogging systems create the perfect atmosphere and a comfortable climate for your guests.

This method of cooling helps: 
5. Increase attendance
4. Increase sales
3. Customer retention
2. Attracting new audience
1. Increase in average check


Our Clients Say


Alexandros Patrickios

"As the owner of Green alleys, a restaurant with an open veranda, I have noticed that our guests prefer to come to us in the evening, and there are few guests during the day due to the high temperatures. Since using fog cooling, people have been coming in more often and looking at the menu and staying in the restaurant longer to order new dishes."


Nikolaos Dimitriou

"I want to thank Michael, the director of Aquamist Innovations, for his personal work on our restaurant. After installing the cooling system, I can see how customers have reached out, my restaurant is the coolest and most impressive among the competitors working nearby. Revenue is really going up, people are ordering our food and enjoying the comfort. Thank you!"


Olivia Demir

"Our seafood restaurant is on a street corner, when people see the cooling fog, it's like a magnet comes closer and they can appreciate our restaurant and menu dishes. Now we are attracting more new customers, and we have regular customers who have noted that they like this way of cooling while eating. I can say that installing this system helps me make more money!"



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